Calling all plant scientists. Register today!


Find a Scientist provides a searchable directory of UK plant science researchers and others inolved in the plant science world, a bit like the Yellow Pages for plant scientists!


Just enter the name of the person you are looking for in the search box above and if they have registered and added their details to the database they will be displayed. Alternatively you can search for the institution the person belongs to or use a keyword such as an area of expertise e.g Plant defence, or organism of study such as Arabidopsis.


To get the most out of Find a Scientist Register now, or if you have already registered, simply Login, to ensure you can add and amend your personal details and more importantly view the FULL details of each person in the database. If you’re not registered you will only be able to view a limited set of information.

"The need to work as collaborative teams has never been greater and we can no longer hope to have all expertise in a single organisation. As the community sign up to this resource it will be invaluable tool for building new teams based around complementary skills.”

- Professor Jim Beynon FSB - UKPSF Chair

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