UK Plant Sciences Federation

3rd Dec 2010

Representatives of the Crop and Plant Science communities; MONOGRAM (cereals and grasses), UK-BRC/OREGIN (Brassica), UK-SOL (Solanaceae) and GARNet (Arabidopsis) met during the summer to explore the possibilities of forming 'one voice for UK Plant and Crop Science' to help build a stronger UK plant research base.

The groupings listed above have been meeting informally over the last few years to help promote information exchange between the various networks. During these interactions it had been highlighted that there could be mutual advantages from establishing a ‘Federation of UK Plant Science Communities’. Such an endeavour would enable each community to retaining its identity, yet benefit considerable from coming together to pool knowledge and expertise, identify new opportunities and assess where added value could be achieved by acting with one voice. It is of increasing importance to have a strong and clear voice amongst ‘opinion-formers’, within political and funding circles and the Federation is one possible mechanism for achieving this.

Informal feedback on the concept of a ‘Federation’ via community mailing lists was generally very positive and the first steps towards establishing a ‘Federation’ have therefore been initiated. To help start the discussion process with the wider community a White Paper outlining the structure, goals and mission of the Federation has been drawn up and is available to download here. Representatives of a number of stakeholders, including research communities, learned societies and industrial groupings will be invited to a meeting on the 31st January 2011 at NIAB, to discuss the White Paper and how to establish the Federation.

If you would like further information regarding the ‘Federation’ please contact


Note: The White Paper was initiated from periodic discussions aimed at information sharing between the following communities: GARNet, UK-BRC, MONOGRAM and UK-SOL, with input from Ruth Bastow, Tina Barsby, Graham King, Graham Seymour, Alex Webb. The concept of a UK Plant Science Federation has been proposed in 2010 to the mailing lists of these constituent communities (which include private sector stakeholders), with overall very positive support and encouragement to develop further.


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