Technology Strategy Board announces Feasibility Studies in Six Areas including BioSciences

22nd Dec 2010

The Technology Strategy Board proposes to stimulate innovation across its core technology areas to help ensure that small and micro businesses in the UK are well-equipped to respond to society’s current and future challenges. We have allocated up to £2m to invest in feasibility studies lasting up to three months, each costing no more than £33,000 in total (up o £25,000). Projects may be collaborative or carried out by a single company.

This competition will focus on feasibility studies in technologies closely aligned with the TSB six core areas that contain an element of technology innovation that are both led and undertaken by small and micro companies individually or in partnership where the single company or collaborative partners spend most of the funding in-house.

The feasibility studies need to match one or more of the technology areas and must align closely with the Technology Strategy Board’s strategies in the respective areas. Where a proposal cuts across more than one technology area, the application will need to indicate which one (of the six technology areas) it predominantly involves. The current strategies can be found at under Publications.

Each project will culminate in a short report and, where relevant, a demonstrator. Projects will also present their achievements at a public ‘Collaboration Nation’ event to be held in autumn 2011.

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