Study Group needs plant problems!

27th Jul 2011

Are you a plant biologist who would like to see what mathematical modelling could do for your research? The Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group could be your first step.


Hosted by GARNet and the Centre for Plant Integrative Biology, these meetings enable plant biologists from any area of plant and crop science to present their research questions to around forty mathematicians and computer scientists. The modellers form groups and with the input of the biologist, spend the four days tackling the problems. A great deal of progress is made in a very short time!


The next meeting will take place 3-6 January 2012 at the University of Nottingham. Problems tackled at the previous four study groups have resulted in successful grant proposals, publications, studentships, and frequently generate new angles on the original research question.

Problems can come from any area of plant and crop science, and although the problem must be amenable to modelling approaches, no prior experience of mathematical modelling is required.

If you would like to see the problems presented at the previous four meetings, please visit:


If you are interested in presenting a problem at MPSSGV, please contact

Susie Lydon (,
Ruth Bastow ( or
Rosemary Dyson (

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