Rothamsted Research Annual Report 2014

5th Oct 2015

Rothamsted Research had a successful year and made considerable progress towards its strategic objectives in 2014.

Rothamsted Research does world-class research that aims to provide the knowledge, innovation and new practices necessary to increase crop productivity and quality, and to develop environmentally sustainable solutions for food and energy production. From doing excellent science, nurturing talent and fostering career development, to investing in infrastructure and campus development, Rothamsted Research made significant national and international contributions in 2014.

The Annual Report 2014 is a compilation of some of the research highlights as well as personal and team accomplishments of Rothamsted Research staff members over the past year. 2014 was a busy year at Rothamsted Research that saw the arrival of the Institute’s Director and Chief Executive, Professor Achim Dobermann. An interview in the Annual Report and the associated video, summarise the Director’s first assessment and views on key future priorities for Rothamsted Research.

Significant scientific achievements highlighted in the report demonstrate the national and international impact of the Institute’s science and its relevance towards addressing the global challenges of food security and environmental sustainability. Leading Rothamsted Research scientists received national and international recognition and their achievements provide an inspiration for the early career scientists.

Representative of Rothamsted Research’s commitment to engaging with stakeholders and the publics are a series of activities that were undertaken in 2014. These included exhibitions such at the Chelsea Flower Show and doing a public dialogue on the guiding principles that should underpin the Institute’s work with Industry.

In 2014 there was also significant investment towards campus development at the Harpenden site of Rothamsted Research that saw the expansion of the Rothamsted Conference Centre and the construction of the Lawes Open Innovation Hub.

The Rothamsted Research Annual Report 2014 and the associated video can be accessed here. To request a printed copy of the Annual Report 2014 please e-mail Dr Matina Tsalavouta, Head of Communications and Public Engagement with your contact details.

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