Potential of agricultural technologies - IFPRI survey

20th Jul 2011

Calling experts on wheat, maize and rice. An on-line survey of experts with knowledge of agricultural technology, agricultural ecology, crop management practices, crop breeding and agricultural economics of these crops is being undertaken by IFPRI (The International Food Policy Research Institute).

The survey is part of a project entitled "How to achieve food security in a world of growing scarcity: role of technology development strategies.” for more info visit http://www.ifpri.org/blog/potential-agricultural-technologies-survey

The survey focuses on 3 crops: wheat, maize and rice, and on the following technologies:

• Zero tillage

• Integrated soil fertility management (combinations of chemical fertilizers + residues + manure/compost)

• Irrigation technologies (furrow; drip and sprinkler)

• Water harvesting (channeling water from a macrocatchment, microcatchment systems, earth dams, chaukas and nadis structures, ridges, graded contours etc.)

• Genetically modified crops (heat/drought tolerance, nitrogen use efficiency)

• Conventional breeding (heat/drought tolerance, nitrogen use efficiency)

• Precision agriculture (GPS-assisted delivery of agricultural inputs)

• Laser land leveling (leveling a field within certain degrees of desired slope using a guided laser beam to improve water use efficiency)

• Organic agriculture (use of manufactured fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and GMOs excluded / strictly limited)

Please do contribute your knowledge and/or forward this article to colleagues that might lend their expertise.

Complete the survey before 31 July and you can win an iPad 2.

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