Official Registration of the Global Plant Council

4th Mar 2012

On Valentine’s Day, 2012 Swiss authorities granted our request to establish the Global Plant Council as a not-for-profit organization. As of February 14th 2012 the Global Plant council is officially registered as an organization with a home in Switzerland.

February was a great month for the Global Plant Council in another very significant way. We held our first major event to broadcast our goals and our strengths in the global debate by convening a symposium at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Vancouver on February the 18th. The symposium was very well attendedand received substantial praise from attendees and some in the media. The symposium was titled “The Global Plant Council: Bringing a Global Plant Science Perspective to Major Issues that Threaten Mankind”, and featured five speakers from our member organizations: Wilhelm Gruissem (Switzerland:EPSO), Barry Pogson (Australia:ASPS), Steve Long (US-UK:SEB), Kazuo Shinosaki (Japan:JSPP) and Roger Beachy (US:ASPB). Each talk highlighted an area of research and interest within one of the five critical problems the world faces, as decided upon in our first meeting in 2010. Details of the symposium can be found here and I hope that you take the time to check them out. Details of the presentation will also be posted on our website ( as soon as they are available.

One final note for February: Please welcome our newest member to the Global Plant Council. On the 28th, the leadership of the UK Plant Sciences Federation informed the Global Plant Council that they would like to join the Council and aid in our endeavors.


Mel Oliver

Global Plant Council Executive Director


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