New RCUK cross-Council Group to coordinate research into sustainable bioenergy

21st Jan 2011

A sub-Group of the Energy Programme Co-ordination Group has been formed to develop a strategy for and coordinate future bioenergy research. The Cross Council Bioenergy Strategic Coordination Group, led by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), will include representatives from 5 Research Councils and the Technology Strategy Board as well as a small number of external representatives from the research community. By providing coordination and focus for research efforts the Group will work to ensure that research into sustainable bioenergy is able to make the maximum contribution to future economic growth whilst helping move the UK towards a low carbon future.

Duncan Eggar, BBSRC Bioenergy Champion, who will chair the Group said: "Bioenergy is going to be a key technology in the 21st century and research in this area will strengthen the growing green economy in the UK. The UK has world-class capabilities in plant science, microbiology and agricultural research. It is our responsibility to ensure that skills and knowledge in these disciplines are brought to bear as efforts are focussed toward the development of new sustainable sources of bioenergy. This new Group will act as the eyes and ears of the community, guiding it towards success and, to the best of our abilities avoiding potential pitfalls."

The Cross Council Bioenergy Strategic Coordination Group is a sub-Group of the RCUK Energy Programme Co-ordination Group which aims to position the UK to meet its energy and environmental targets and policy goals through world-class research and training.


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