How the agriculture and food industry profits from innovation

25th May 2011

The Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Plant Sector is developing a series of publications to highlight the economic benefit of research and development to the agriculture and food industry. The work detailed in these publications provides an important reference document to inform policy makers about the key role that agriculture has in underpinning the UK economy and opportunities to reduce emissions from the agriculture sector.

Publications that have been published in partnership with Plant Sector members are available via the links below

Analysis of the economic impact of plant breeding in the UK

This publication highlights the economic impact of plant breeding on three major UK crops - wheat, barley and forage maize.

New forage varieties for the sustainable intensification of livestock agriculture

This publication highlights the economic and environmental benefits of using high-sugar grass varieties for UK livestock farmers.

Analysis of the impact of crop protection chemistry on agricultural production.

This publication describes the innovation pipeline from natural product discovery to manufacture of the world’s largest selling crop protection product.


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