Hertfordshire Plant Pathologist Awarded MBE

4th Jan 2012

A plant pathologist at the University of Hertfordshire has been awarded an MBE for her services to higher education and to the community of St Albans in the New Year Honours list.

Dr Avice Hall, who has been a lecturer and a researcher at the University of Hertfordshire for over 40 years, has been honoured for her dedication to the needs of her students and young people in her local community.

During her time at the University, Dr Hall has dedicated her career to the needs of her students and young people in her local community and also managed to establish an international reputation for her work as a plant pathologist. As a plant pathologist and past Secretary of the British Society for Plant Pathology, her work on strawberry powdery mildew has been groundbreaking, and has assisted growers by allowing for disease control with reduced fungicide input, and furthered knowledge of fungal diseases on our most valuable soft fruit crop.

Since 1970, she has also been a volunteer leader of a Crusaders (now Urban Saints) group in St Albans, a Christian youth club, which runs weekly activities for children between the ages of four and eighteen.

“Avice is an inspirational and infectiously enthusiastic teacher who willingly gives up her time for students, even to the extent of providing emergency accommodation when they need it,” said Dr Stephen Boffey, Dean and Pro Vice-Chancellor Regional Affairs at the University of Hertfordshire. “She has also served Urban Saints, and those connected to it, faithfully and diligently and with great integrity for four decades and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. She is a great role model to younger volunteer leaders and a great inspiration to us all.”

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