FP7 Draft of Call in Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology Released

18th Jul 2011

Cordis have released the draft call for FP7 Theme 2 Work Programme Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology 2012. This outlines the projects that the EU are looking to support in 2012 and will hopefully help you plan towards possible consortia

The call supports four goals:

i) Sustainable Primary Production; mitigating and adapting to climate change. This includes the study of new trends and critical events that might result from climate change as well as innovation in agricultural sectors.

ii) Low carbon and resource efficient industry including using biotechnology for this goal, refining biotechnology, developing novel green biomaterials and using emerging trends such as systems biology to help address innovation in the industry.

iii) Food security and safety for Europe and beyond which involves protection from crop disease, food waste, insect protein and water safety

iv) Socially inclusive and healthy Europe in terms of technical and social innovation from the point of view of what food and environment can do, including bioactives, disease prevention by diet and lifestyle and looking at environmental factors like green corridors.

The final version of the work programme is likely to published this week and the foreseen deadline for this call is thought to be 15th November 2011

The involvement of SMEs has increased in this call, with some consortia having to SMEs to fulfil the requirements of the call.

The full description of the draft call can be downloaded here.


There are obviously a great number of opportunities for those involved in UK Plant Science a few are highlighted below

Improving seeds for agriculture and conservation activities (KBBE.2012.1.1-01)

Development of new or improved logistics for lignocellulosic biomass, harvest, storage and transport (KBBE.2012.1.2-01)

Development of seed testing methods for pests and pathogens of plant health concern (KBBE.2012.1.2-0.5)

Improved water stress tolerance of crop plants (KBBE.2012.3.1-01)

Multipurpose crops for industrial bioproducts and biomass (KBBE.2012.3.1-02)


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