Farming Today highlights UK Brassica industry

12th Dec 2014

BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today highlighted Brassicas this week. Every day had a segment on the UK Brassica industry, from research to farm. All episodes are available to stream on the BBC website for 4 weeks.

On Monday, Phillip Effingham gave an introduction to Brassica crops and explained their importance to the UK. The industry is currently worth £550M to the UK economy.

Richard Mithen (Institute of Food Research) spoke on Tuesday about the many health benefits of broccoli. He was the lead scientist on Beneforte broccoli, which has high levels of health-promoting compound glucoraphanin (start 05:59)

The most festive of Brassicas, Brussels sprouts, were featured on Wednesday when presenter Anna Hill went to Lincolnshire Field Products, one of the largest Brassica growers in the country, to speak to John Mason (start 03:19)

On Thursday Liam Sinclair (Harper Adams University) discussed a trend toward growing Brassicas for livestock grazing over winter as a substitute for housing and feeding animals indoors (start 13:30).

Finally UK-BRC Representative Graham Teakle, from the University of Warwick, told presenter Charlotte Smith about the aims and achievements of the Defra-funded Vegin project this morning (start 10:38).

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