European Wide Fascination of Plants Day May 18 2012

21st Jul 2011

At its General Meeting in June, the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) announced that it is now actively preparing the Europe-wide outreach and public dialogue activity called "The Fascination of Plants Day". The ultimate goal of this campaign is to approach as many European citizens (and those leaving elsewhere) as possible to emphasize the fascination of plants and the importance of plant science for agriculture (i.e. sustaining and improving food and feed in Europe), horticulture, forestry, providing as well non-food products (e.g. pulp and paper, timber, chemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals), and for environmental conservation.

The "Fascination of Plants Day" will take place on Friday, May 18, 2012. During that day, concerted activities will happen at several levels:

• Plant science institutions (universities, research institutes, botanical gardens, natural history and other nature / science museums etc.) open their doors and organize activities for the public, organize events in public spaces like theatres, cafes, central city squares and parks etc.

• The institutions invite the media / hold press conferences, include academics, industries, farmers and politicians to inform about the present state of plant science research and its potential applications

• Following concerted press releases and a "Fascination of Plants Day" corporate design, newspapers and TV stations all over Europe shall comprehensively report on the impact and significance as well as the influence of plant science to the European social and environmental landscape at present and in the future.


To help coordinate, announce and advertise the "Fascination of Plants Day" effective within EPSO and beyond, EPSO would like to ask you to

1. Provide one contact person per institute / university to Jan Kellmann the coordinator from EPSO for this activity (, Tel. +49 3641 571000). This person will coordinate the Plant Day at your institution / city and interact with EPSO. If there is not a national coordinator is in your country, the institute / university contact persons will share the functions of the national coordinator.

2. Suggest a possible person to act as the Plant Day national coordinator in your country if one has not already been appointed. This colleague will get all basic material meant for concertedly running the "Fascination of Plants Day" in your country, including

- corporate design including logos, poster and billboard templates, concerted texts and text modules (boilerplates), powerpoint file on the fascination, beauty and use of plants, e.g. for press releases

- a list of ideas which outreach activities could be performed to attract the public, improve the dialogue, fascinate kids as well as grown-ups

- a roadmap with all dates when things have to be accomplished, etc.

Finally, the national coordinator should serve as the central contact person for your country, especially at and around May 18, 2012.


For the following countries, Plant Day national coordinators signed up already: AT (Eva Stöger), FR (Anis Limami), DE (Joachim Schiemann), IR (Zoe Popper), ES (Jose P.B. Porter), CH (Fransziska Humair), UK (Dee Rawsthorne).


Please reply to Jan Kellmann by July 31st 2011

Jan Kellmann (, Tel. +49 3641 571000)

Please also contact Jan as well for any question and / or suggestion on this issue.


Jan Kellmann

EPSO Coordinator Fascination of Plants Day


Heribert Hirt

EPSO President


Karin Metzlaff

EPSO Executive Director


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