Easier access to BBSRC grants information for all

3rd Feb 2011

BBSRC announces the launch of "Portfolio Analyser" - an improved web-based search facility containing information about BBSRC's current and completed research grants, institute projects, fellowships, studentships and training grants. Users can find out who is doing research, where it is being carried out and how much funding BBSRC has provided.

Professor Douglas Kell, BBSRC Chief Executive said "This will make it much easier for end users of the research we fund to get information about what is going on. Someone working in R&D in an agrochemical company, for example, might wish to search for research or people in the UK with a focus on mechanisms of insecticide resistance in aphids. With this new system they will be able to do this easily and quickly with the help of some powerful search tools."

 Using the quick or advanced search facilities, it is possible to display BBSRC awards that match search criteria, view details, or further analyse the results by creating summary and custom reports.

The system will be updated regularly with new information about awards.

Eric Winiarski, Head of Information Management, BBSRC said "We believe that people will find the system much easier to use. We've designed it so that it is possible to do a lot more analysis of the data using a number of reporting features. It will therefore help those who, for example, want to get an overview of the research we fund in any particular area."

For more information see: www.bbsrc.ac.uk/PA/grants

A user guide is available here: www.bbsrc.ac.uk/PA/grants/UserGuide.aspx

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