Algal research in the UK: a scoping study

4th Oct 2011

BBSRC commissioned Dr Schlarb-Ridley (InCrops Enterprise Hub and Cambridge Bioenergy Initiative) to conduct an exploratory review of the current status of algal research in the UK. In the course of her work Dr Schlarb-Ridley consulted with a broad cross spectrum of the UK algae research community. The report is a comprehensive review of past and current activities and makes recommendations as to how the community might be structured to ensure a continuing strength in an international context.

 BBSRC has made no commitment to funding research into algae. However we recognise that algae have an important role to play in the future bio-economy and, in consultation with other related research funders, will be considering how to take this forward. In the meantime we are sharing the report so that those interested in this work can make use of the considerable data base that it contains.


To view the report and associated papers see:

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