SEB Brighton 2016


Brighton, UK

Start Date:

Monday 4th July


The Society for Experimental Biology is pleased to announce its next Annual Main Meeting will be held in Brighton, United Kingdom. The conference will be held from 4th - 7th July at the Brighton Centre. Brighton is famous for its pier, seafront and beach, and will be a brilliant city for our next meeting.


The following sessions will be covered at SEB Brighton:



From Source to Sink: Resource Partitioning in Plants

General Plant and Cell Biology

Hormone Binding: Structures, Sites, Complexes and Biosensors

Making Connections - Plant Vascular Tissue Development

Seed Biology: From Laboratory to Field

The Plant Endoplasmic Reticulum: A Dynamic Multitasking Organelle



Dynamic Organisation of the Nucleus

Integrative Omics

Cross Kingdom Fungal Biology

Super Resolution Microscopy


Joint Plant-Cell Session

Synthetic Biology: Systems Design and Re-wiring



Developmental Biomechanics

Avian Flight Control

Comparative Cardio-Respiratory Physiology

From Problems to Solutions: Using Physiology to Identify Threats and Inform Conservation Actions

Measuring Energetics - A Cornerstone of Animal Eco-physiology

Moving to Feeding: Applying Muscle-Mechanics Principles from Limb to Feeding Systems

Open Biomechanics and Animal Biology

Osmoregulation at the Extremes: Water and Ion Balance at Environmental Highs and Lows

The Role of Individual Physiology in the Behaviour of Animal Groups


Plus a number of sessions on education.

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