Realising our economic and agricultural potential (REAP): Resilience Through Innovation


Cambridge, UK

Start Date:

Wednesday 11th November


Churchill College, Storey’s Way, Cambridge CB3 0DS

Wednesday 11 November 2015


A challenge in one industry creates a business opportunity for another. Within the agri-food reducing risk is a key driver. New thinking that improves resilience to adversity has the potential to increase profitability in this complex industry.


At the REAP conference we have invited a number of leading producers, all innovators in their own disciplines, to articulate the challenges they face in delivering top quality products to leading retailers, processors and suppliers.


Managing uncertainty, forecasting and prediction, precision delivery to reduce inputs, these are all areas that are also familiar to the technologists that are joining the discussion; bringing insights from their experiences in other markets.


At the end of the value chain, the retailer is tasked with delivering a highly perishable product to a fickle consumer. A predicted barbeque summer can be a washout leaving unwanted salads rotting in the field. Innovations that increase shelf life, reduce waste and improve demand planning are on the wish list of these discerning buyers and Sainsbury’s head of agriculture; Sue Lockhart will be putting her business case for innovation.


Agri-Tech East is creating an entrepreneurial culture in the east of England, encouraging the translation of science into practice. The growing network of farmers keen to get involved in research is creating new opportunities for applied science. Jackie Hunter of BBSRC will be explaining how this exciting dynamic will fast-track new approaches to pest management.


Farmers are pragmatic, if they can see a clear benefit they are quick to adopt it. We are delighted to have Meurig Raymond, President National Farmers’ Union, provide the keynote and a big picture view on how to improve resilience through innovation.

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