Plant-Microbe Interactions


Kew Gardens, London

Start Date:

Friday 12th June


Plants interact in a variety of ways with microorganisms, whether through symbiotic associations leading to environmentally specific fitness benefits or biotic insults orchestrated by pathogens. Plants have evolved a myriad of complex and highly coordinated mechanisms to deal with such interactions, which will be the focal point of the 2020 Plant-Microbe Interactions meeting.

This event will take a comprehensive view of the multi-disciplinary field of plant-microbe interactions, to demonstrate how it offers solutions to fundamental questions in biology and provides potential applications in agriculture, biotechnology, and conservation.

This one-day event will be of interest to microbiologists and plant-scientists addressing questions relating to the plant microbiome, co-evolution, or the improvement of plant traits through microbial-mediated means, in either an academic or industrial setting.

The programme offers a range of diverse topics to highlight the breadth of research emerging from this exciting field. The event will include a poster session, and a commercial exhibition, offering excellent opportunities for networking.

SfAM and SfAM ECS Members who wish to present a poster must submit an abstract by 12 May 2020. Successful presentations will have their registration fees covered and up to £100 toward travel expenses.

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