MOSS 2016


The University of Leeds

Start Date:

Saturday 2nd April


MOSS 2016, the annual conference of the international moss research community is being hosted by the University of Leeds, between September 2nd and September 5th, this year.


The annual MOSS meetings centre of the use of the model moss, Physcomitrella patens for comparative functional genomics, but we also encourage participation by researchers working on related emerging model systems at the base of the land plant phylogeny. These include other mosses (e.g. Funaria, Sphagnum, Ceratodon), the liverwort, Marchantia polymorpha, and Charophyte algae representative of the last common ancestor of the land plants.


MOSS 2016 is a community-led meeting and we encourage active participation by Early-stage researchers: we have a number of bursaries, sponsored by the New Phytologist Trust,  available to support attendance by graduate students in order to present their work.


We encourage researchers who may wish to extend their research activities by introducing Physcomitrella as a model in their own laboratories: the annual MOSS meetings provide an unrivalled opportunity to develop collaborations and establish networks.


Full details and registration are available from the conference website:



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