Microbial Stress: From Molecules To Systems


Sitges, Spain

Start Date:

Thursday 12th November


Sitges, Spain

12-15 November 2015


This meeting, run under the auspices of the Microbial Physiology section of the European Federation of Biotechnology, shall advance our understanding of microbial stress reactions, pathways and networks. This involves a wide range of different scientific disciplines, and is of relevance in many diverse pure and applied fields of microbiological research.


As in previous meetings, we have chosen to divide the program into three research themes covering broad aspects of stress responses, rather than focusing on single stresses or organisms. A first theme focuses on common lines and different traits of intracellular versus extracellular stresses. It turns out that different origins of stress elicit different responses from the microbe. However, elucidating common lines will improve our overall picture of what is “stress”. A second theme is dedicated to the cross talk of stress reaction networks during interactions with higher eukaryotes. There is a strong connection between microbial stress response and pathogenicity involving inter-domain signalling and communication. Stress can be used positively to fight invaders, but it can also prevent microbes from being killed. At the same time microbes and plants have strong and important relationships, which are also characterised by stressful events. The third theme covers all aspects of industrial microbiology. For industrial production processes the understanding of microbial stress reactions is one key factor for economic success.


We intend to look at stress from all levels of detailed molecular biology through whole organism systems biology and up to the level of microbial populations. We believe that only this kind of cross-fertilisation of ideas and techniques allows gaining a complete understanding of microbial responses to stress.


An excellent range of international scientists have already accepted invitations to speak at the meeting, and there will be many oral and poster presentations from participants. On purpose the meeting will be held in a single venue with accommodation and lecture theatres on site. We intend to create an inspiring environment for maximum interaction between all participants, with particular emphasis on the participation of students. We look forward to a few days of exciting exchange and stimulating science.

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