Integrated Pest Management (IPM): The 10 year plan


Marston, Lincolnshire, UK

Start Date:

Wednesday 18th November


The Wyndham Garden Grantham Hotel, Marston, Lincs, UK

18-19 November 2015


Radical changes in pest and disease management will be required over the next decade to fill the gap being left by legislative restrictions on pesticide use and the evolution of pest and disease resistance. There will be a growing demand to develop new IPM solutions that are practical and effective at the grower level. IPM will no longer be a luxury but a necessity for all producers. The 2015 AAB conference will explore factors that will both drive and constrain further advancement of the subject over the next 10 years taking into account policy issues, technical developments and commercial uptake by farmers and growers.


The AAB are proud to announce that the 2015 event will incorporate the GCRI Trust’s biennial Bewley Lecture to celebrate 100 years of research into protected crops in the UK. Glasshouse Crops Research Institute (GCRI) in Littlehampton was recognized worldwide for its seminal role in the establishment of effective biological and integrated pest control methods for glasshouse production in particular Encarsia, Phytoseiulus and parasitic nematodes.


Two highly respected IPM experts Dr David Chandler (Warwick Crop Centre) and Dr Bill Clarke (NIAB), will jointly present the Bewley Lecture and provide their vision of how pest and disease management practice may be expected to change during the next 10 years.


The GCRI Trust is sponsoring the Bewley Lecture as part of the AAB IPM conference to be presented on 18th November. In addition, The GCRI Trust is sponsoring a competition for the costs (up to £250 each) of registration and travel to the conference for four young researchers (students or recent post-docs). Young researchers are invited to apply by writing a short (500 to 1,000 word) article on "A personal view on the future directions of IPM". Documents should be submitted to the GCRI Trust secretary, Dr Kerry Burton (kerry.burton@emr.ac.uk ) by closing date of the end of July 2015.


Details of GCRI trust at: http://www.emr.ac.uk/knowledge-exchange/gcri-trust/


As in previous years, the AAB’s objective will be to create a gathering of the IPM community at which policy makers, experienced researchers, young scientists and practitioners can detach themselves from their usual day-to-day pressures and become totally immersed in the subject. The conference will be spread over two days with the option to stay overnight and enjoy an informal conference dinner. The programme will be broken down into a series of important subject areas with a combination of invited keynote speakers and offered technical papers. Offered papers will be restricted to slots of 15 minutes in order to involve as many people and topics as possible. This has proved to be a very successful format at past conferences.


The events have been fully subscribed in previous years and we strongly advise you to register your interest as soon as possible to secure your place.


Event Website: http://www.aab.org.uk/contentok.php?id=182&basket=wwsshowconfdets

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