Cell biology at the plant–microbe interface


Munich, Germany

Start Date:

Sunday 29th November


36th New Phytologist Symposium: Cell biology at the plant–microbe interface


36th New Phytologist Symposium logo


29 November – 1 December 2015


Eden Hotel Wolff, Munich, Germany


We aim to organize a cutting edge meeting focused on the application of cell biology approaches to understand the mechanisms that diverse microbes use to manipulate plant cells to benefit their life styles. The meeting will bring together researchers working on a broad spectrum of microbes across different taxa (bacteria, fungi, oomycetes) that form a variety of different interactions (pathogenic, symbiotic) with plant organs/tissues (leaves, roots). With the explosion in microbial/host genome sequences and the identification of genes/proteins involved in these interactions, the focus of the field is moving rapidly towards using cell and molecular biology techniques and new imaging technologies to understand the molecular dialogue between plants and their microbial pathogens/symbionts. The need for a conference on this topic, the first of its type, is evidenced by the growing prominence of cell biology in the literature. Students and scientists in this field face many challenges in the application and interpretation of cell biology data and would greatly benefit from a specialized conference on this topic. The symposium will bring together a broad representation of researchers focussing on different cell biology aspects and will allow researchers across the different disciplines to present and exchange their recent advances in this important topic of plant biology.


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