40th New Phytologist Symposium. Plant epigenetics: from mechanisms to ecological relevance


Vienna, Austria

Start Date:

Tuesday 12th September


Plant epigenetics has recently become a compelling research field. There is accumulating evidence that (heritable) phenotypic variation is not solely based on variation in coding DNA sequences, but that epigenetic marks can alter gene expression, often under environmental or developmental influence.

However, epigenetic diversity remains a component of natural biodiversity about which little is known. Despite the potentially fundamental impact of epigenetic effects on ecologically-relevant processes, the study of these effects is not yet well established in ecological research. For an efficient integration of epigenetics in ecological and biodiversity research, an interdisciplinary and continuous flux of information is necessary, together with close cooperation between related disciplines. To this end, this symposium focuses on interdisciplinary discussion and aims to foster cooperation among research groups.

Twenty-five leading scientists will speak at the symposium. We hope that this will stimulate focused discussion and the exchange of ideas at what will be a relatively small and informal meeting. There will be poster sessions, selected talks, tour and symposium dinner.

More information at https://newphytologist.org/symposia/40

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